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anal bleaching


Anal Bleaching - Facts about Anal Bleaching


What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the cosmetic process of lightening the skin around the rectum. This is a purely cosmetic process that has no health benefits or basis. Some people choose anal bleaching in order to lighten the skin so that it will match the surrounding skin in the area. Melanin is the naturally produced chemical in the body that works to protect the skin from sun damage by darkening when exposed to the sun. Bleaching counteracts the effect of melanin. The anal area typically does not have that sun exposure problem so it is likely that the bleaching process will last for some time once performed.

Anal Bleaching

How Is Anal Bleaching Done?

The anal bleaching process is performed by the application of a topical cream or ointment to the area. This can be done in a professional capacity, with a technician applying and performing the process, or it can be done in the privacy of one's own home. The safety factors remain the same, whichever method or location is chosen for the anal bleaching process. It is essentially a choice about preferences and success in performing the process, for it might be more private at home but easier to accomplish the job with professional assistance.

The cream that is used in most anal bleaching processes is typically a mixture of hydroquinone and mercury as well as some other lightening agents. All of the chemicals in anal bleaching creams are ones that are designed to block the body's natural production of melanin in the desired area, therefore blocking any darkening in color.

Anal BleachingAnal Bleaching

Is The Anal Bleaching Process A Safe Process?

The actual procedure for anal bleaching is not a challenging one, with the simple application of a topical cream or ointment. However, the lightening agents found in the cream used for anal bleaching have been found to be questionable in the realm of safety. Typically the cream used is a mixture of several lightening chemicals, including hydroquinone and mercury. There is always a risk of chemical burns from such a cream. Both hydroquinone and mercury are carcinogens. The use of carcinogenic products has been shown to have several negative side effects over time. Some of those side effects are causing various cancers, contributing to liver and or kidney failure, or mercury poisoning in the case of mercury.

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